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Joint International Research at ATU

Joint International Research Projects at ATU

During the past years, Allameh Tabataba'i University has been one of the leading Iranian universities in developing joint research activities with universities around the world. Below, the joint research activities currently at hand in ATU is provided.

Joint Projects Supported by International Organizations

Partner Organisation Project title Date
WHO Promoting Media Literacy for Iranian Health Ministry Managers 2019-Present
UNESCO UNESCO Chair on Science and Technology Communication at Allameh Tabataba'i University 2018-Present

Joint Projects Supported by the European Commission

Type of project Project title Date
Erasmus+ Capacity Building in the Field of Higher Education Internationalization of Higher Education in Iran 2015-2018
Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Project The study of Common Foreign and Security Policy of European Union: implications for Iran 2018-2019
Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Project European Union Plans and Experiences for Public Libraries (Applicability for Iran) (EUPPL) 2019-present

Other Joint Research Projects

Project title Partner institute Country Date
The values and attitudes of the people of Kabul Goharshad Institute of Higher Education Afghanistan 2017-2018
Coping with culture-based stress and its psychosocial effects on undergraduate students University of Windsor Canada 2018-2019
Empowerment and Coping Strategies Among Female-Headed Households in Iran and Denmark: Similarities and Differences University of Copenhagen Denmark 2017-2018
Patient, Improved Individual, and Family Involvement in Child Cancer Care (Identify Factors Affecting Expectations and Experience of Patient-Family Involvement) International Society of Paediatric Oncology (SIOP) France 2019-2020
Implementation of the principle of minimality of criminal law in the area of crime response Max Planck Institute Germany 2017-2018
Numerical methods of solving financial models University of Padua Italy 2017-2018
Possible graphical models and their application to three-dimensional gene structure in bioinformatics discussion University of Warsaw Poland 2017-2018
A Comparative Study of Behavioral Habits in Farsi and Russian Moscow State University Russia 2017-2018
A Comparison of Speech Interaction "Request" in Russian and Iranian Verbal Environment (Request and beg) Moscow State University Russia 2018-2019
Iran's historical heritage in Ossetia Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences Russia 2018-2019
Albanian and Persian conjunctive syntax: A descriptive approach University of St. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava Slovakia 2018-2019
Iranian Academic Diasporas Abroad: A Case Study of Spain University of Pompeo Fabra Spain 2017-2018
Electronic Services Evaluation - Electronic Banking Services Autonomous University of Madrid Spain 2017-2018
Four hundred years of Iran-Spain relations Autonomous University of Madrid Spain 2017-2018
Social assistance schemes in developing countries University of Manchester United Kingdom 2017-2018